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Welcome to Studio 13

Published / Thu 21 May 2020

A warm Primordial Radio welcome to Emma Scott !

Emma Scott Primordial Radio Studio 13

As you may have heard in the Primordial Radio Podcast Episode 176, Studio 13 is now occupied so with no further ado – over to Emma !

“I’m really looking forward to joining the Primordial team and getting back on air regularly. It’s been too long. I love the station and I love the “family vibe” and that’s what’s drawn me to finally saying yes to Moose. This has been about 7 years in the making!

As for what I’ll do on my show, I have no idea. My head is full of strange things. I may throw in some advice for bands and musicians to help them get further in the music industry or I may just end up talking about my dog! I’m looking forward to plenty of listener interaction and also discovering new music that I wouldn’t have heard before.

My life has been a bit of a rollercoaster since leaving full time radio 7 years ago and so much has changed in that time. But my love for radio has never gone away and I think now’s the time for “the wench” to get back behind the mic, whack the headphones on, open my mouth and see what comes out. I hope you can join me.”

Some fun facts from  Emma

  • I once dated my musical hero, Adam Ant. He’s a lovely man. I chose my heroes well when I was 9.
  • Dave Grohl knows me as “the wench” – my old radio nickname dating back to my time in Sheffield at Hallam FM.
  • I once roadied for Chris Shiflett from Foo Fighters. (this was at an Emma Scott Presents gig where his other band Jackson United headlined.)
  • I’ve recently started doing weight training and various other work outs.
  • I’ve recently taken up Qi Gong to help get through the day. When you get to my age, you need all the help you can get.
  • I started training to be an on-call firefighter last year. I had to pull out as my brain was mush because of the peri menopause!
  • I got my first three tattoos last November. I’ll probably have more, but can never make a decision on what I want.
  • Studio 13 is basically a desk under my stairs in my kitchen in my home town in Cambridgeshire – St Neots.
  • I have a 6 year old female rescue dog called Jet. She jumps a lot and licks a lot. Staffie/boxer cross – but who knows?

At my first Primordial Radio “outing” for a Primordial Süp launch in London (that’s all I remember) – I was thrown out of the pub we ended up in as I was climbing some sort of pole in there. I was asked to “come down from there” which I did, but I think I came down upside down as going down the correct way wasn’t really something I wanted to do. I was asked to leave as soon as I was upright. Moose thought it was quite amusing. My hangover the next day wasn’t at all amusing.

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