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Welcome to The Primordial Purge

Published in Station Updates, on Wednesday, December 26th, 2018

Still full of turkey ? Bit of a hangover ? Can’t face another sprout ? Didn’t get what you wanted for Christmas ?

Welcome to The Primordial Purge

A cynical Boxing Day Sale with our shit at resistible prices.

  • 40% off all t-shirts (minimum) – yes, that £12 tees !
  • 25% off all hoodies, zoodies and sweatshirts
  • 50% off windbreakers and Blowfish approved water bottles

The Primordial Radio Merch Sale runs until 6th January 2019 so why not spend the day perusing the Primordial Radio Merch Store Sale from the comfort of your armchair

Visit the Primordial Merch Store

Go on, you know you want to……and don’t forget over the Festive Period, please remember to shop responsibly



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