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What Does the FT Stand For? – Episode 267

Published / Thu 17 Feb 2022

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Episode 267

We’ve always said that all the skills & knowledge we could ever need are contained within the rock & metal community, and this week Moose and Dews prove that yet again.
They are joined by Rob Parry of the PRFam (check out @robpdesign on Instagram) who has recently designed the artwork for the brand new Frank Turner album, that is on course for a great result in the album charts.

They also discuss hot-wing challenges, the Primordial General Mayhem, and the difficulty of requesting reinforcements in the American Revolutionary War.

They also discover the tickets for the Primordial General Mayhem are available with a MASSIVE mark-up from Viagogo!

PRO-TIP: DON’T BUY PRIMORDIAL GENERAL MAYHEM TICKETS FROM VIAGOGO! They’re an absolute rip-off. Buy them here instead

“I gave up caring about anything, and all the problems disappeared.|”
Fyodor Dostoevsky

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