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What is the meaning of this ?

Published / Mon 15 Jun 2020

?? What is the meaning/value of this! ??

You may be interested to see the results of the Values workshop we conducted pre lockdown (if you can cast your minds that far back).

At the time we were dubious as previous experience of brand workshops and personality profiling tools had made us sceptical but that changed when Moose met Jackie LeFevre from Magma Effect and realised she not only ‘got us’ but also would help us realise our goals.

We wondered if Year 3 was too late to conduct this exercise, but this proved to be a lie! Lies we tell you…  The workshop found the individual and team values had not strayed from those upon which we founded, and highlighted the need to better define these beliefs and prominently apply them in the future. The first step of this is sharing them here with you…

As a quick recap here is our story so you can see where we set out from.

Key points

  • The community and what it becomes is down to us
  • We do things the way we want
  • We are transparent and completely accountable to our community

Then to bring it right up to date here is Moose’s passionate speech from the recent virtual AGM explaining where we are currently and where we want to be (video available until 25 June 2020).

Where we stand now:

  • We are honest, transparent, and kind
  • We serve only the individuals of our community
  • We are courageous and optimistic but not reckless
  • We remain true to our beliefs as we develop and grow
  • We own and control the future of our vision
  • We believe in dreams and ideas (unless you’re Hitler)

For those still with us here’s the interesting bit which hopefully comes as no surprise…

Our beliefs….

  • The rock and metal community deserves better
  • Within the community are all the skills, talents, intellect and inspiration we need to grow and succeed
  • A constant diet of the familiar becomes boring: new music, new bands, new friends and new ideas keep things fresh
  • There is more than one way to experience the world of rock and metal so we’ll keep growing

Our values…

The Power of One

  • We trust intensely – each other, volunteers and members of the wider community
  • We know great things can start from a good idea, a single conversation, a chance encounter so we pay attention, enquire honestly and listen with an open mind

Fiercely Independent yet Not Alone

  • We are owned by and accountable to our members and no one else
  • This is no place of ‘us and them’ thinking
  • We do not seek or accept advertising or conventional sponsorship

Serious About a Good Time

  • We make light of the work but do not take it lightly
  • Loyalty and respect are a two-way street
  • We do our best to do the right thing and would never knowingly betray, mislead or misguide our community

It is important to know your thoughts as everything Primordial Radio does is driven by you. Your views will shape our future and we cannot express how highly they are ‘valued’ (see what we did there).

Details about how you can share your views will be coming forth shortly.

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