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5 New Bands To Check Out This Week!

Published / Mon 23 Jan 2023

5 New Bands To Check Out This Week!

Photo: 5 New Bands To Check Out This Week!

Here at Primordial Radio supporting new music is a huge part of what we do, here are five new bands to add to your playlists!

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ENMY, a powerful four-piece band from Cincinnati, OH, fuses electrifying melodies with infectious grooves to create an irresistible modern rock sound. With vigorous vocals and dynamic instrumentals captivating live audiences across the country, ENMY is quickly becoming one of music’s most exciting rising acts.

Guilt Trip

Guilt Trip provides a unique blend of savagery and intensity. With their punishing riffs blended with searing vocal lines, the UK-based Heavy Metal/Crossover outfit released ‘River Of Lies’ LP in 2019 as well as the 5-track concept EP ‘Rain City’ in 2021 to critical acclaim. Their latest single ‘Tearing Your Life Away’, has seen them tour extensively across Europe and Britain – making sure no audience member is left unenthused!

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Izzy And The Black Trees

Izzy and the Black Trees are bringing an unprecedented level of rebel energy from their hometown in Western Poland. Led by singer/songwriter Izabela Rekowska, this four-piece’s music calls to mind rock trailblazers such as Patti Smith, Debbie Harry and PJ Harvey; with a mix of raw punk vibes underpinned by fuzzy psych guitar riffs and poetic melodies.

After honing her songwriting craft overseas in London, Izzy formed the band back in 2018 – leading up to “Trust No One”, their debut album featuring singles ‘Picasso’s Octopuss’ which showcases a bold soundscape full of attitude ready for you explore.

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SAFIRE, a talented independent artist from Hackney and now based in Brighton, is quickly establishing an enthusiastic fan base with her music’s empowering messages. Working alongside industry heavyweights Dan Weller (Holding Absence), Tylr Rydr (Cassyette) and Kai Smith (Anne Marie), SAFIRE has been making waves, not only does she possess strong writing abilities, but also the skill to produce multi-instrumental sounds that demand attention.

Lift The Curse

Texas-based rock duo Lift The Curse are on a mission to make music that will captivate you – fusing hard rock, metal and country sounds into their signature style. Jon Yadon Jr. and Ryan Hegefeld have been collaborating for eight years after meeting in former band TrineATX; where they shared the stage with established acts such as Fuel, Hinder and Powerman 5000.

With an initial test of waters by side project Black Star Sunset came April 2022 with the release of the single “Rise With The Flames”, marking their official foray into melodic chaos sure to capture your attention.

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