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AGM Update – Questions ?

Published in #prfam, Updates, on Friday, April 12th, 2019

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Please hold caller…your call is important to us…..

Seems there are lots of questions coming in left right and centre which is proving a distraction for the folks working behind the scenes so in order not to break Rule 1, pretty please with a <insert fruit of choice> on top, if you have a question….

a) Check the Primordial Radio AGM FAQ first

b) Timings, site plans and more specific information will be coming shortly (maybe not today, maybe not tomorrow but soon) – do you really need to know NOW ?

c) If it is vital that you know the answer to something important,  don’t second guess, don’t ask Facebook or Google or go off what happened last year – ask Hollie ( – she is the main point of contact for all AGM info.

Thank you for holding your horses and remaining calm (which is more polite than Pridge’s response!)



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