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AGM Update – yep another one

Published / Thu 25 Apr 2019

So close you can touch it

Everybody packed and sorted for the weekend ? A few little bits and pieces and a very important message from the BlowFish

The Blowfish

Blowfish would like to remind everyone that plastics are not a good thing, so why not bring your own mug/drinking horn/suitable drinking vessel to help do your bit to reduce waste and single use items.

Where possible please try to minimise your waste on site, is it essential ? can it be recycled or reused……..

  • And talking of the Blowfish, did you know he is doing his presentation on Saturday and it is not just for kids so check it out if you can
  • If you think you are arriving after 9pm on Friday – drop an email to [email protected] so your tickets can be set aside
  • If you are thinking about popping out on Saturday, you may be asked to leave you vehicle in the car park to reduce traffic in the camping areas (subject to confirmation)
  • Got Merch to collect ?  Remember your order details.  Merch Collection will be operating at the same times as Reception (check the FAQ for times)
  • The bar will be operating on a token system, all other outlets (i.e merch, food etc will be cash/cards as per the FAQ so make sure you have your pocket money/piggy bank as there are no cashpoints on site
  • [email protected] will not necessarily be able to respond to requests after tonight as they’ll be on site.
  • If you are bringing your pooch to the AGM, please remember to bring dog poo bags and do the responsible thing
  • Hollie is the font of all AGM knowledge – any questions should go to her, not seconded guessed on Facebook (other social media channels are available)
  • and talking of Social Media #PrimordialAGM is the hashtag to use for your posts and pictures please

Not got a ticket ? As of 25th April 2019 @ 10:45 there are 95 tickets left – these will be available on the door for £30 subject to availability.

Be prepared to have fun but always remember the Primordial Radio Rules





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