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Amy Lee Reflects on “Bring Me To Life” Shares Mixed Emotions

Published / Thu 4 Jan 2024

Amy Lee Reflects on

Photo: Amy Lee Reflects on “Bring Me To Life” Shares Mixed Emotions  /  Credit: Evanescence

In a recent reflection on Evanescence’s hit single “Bring Me To Life,” Amy Lee expressed a deep appreciation for the song, despite its departure from the band’s typical style. In an interview with Kerrang!, Lee shared her ongoing admiration for the track’s unique composition and emotional depth.

Lee admires the song’s musical progression, particularly the way the chord oscillates with a moving middle note, a style she finds emblematic of her personal musical identity. This specific element, she notes, continually draws her back to the song’s essence.

Looking Back On Evanescence

Regarding the lyrics, Lee maintains a strong connection to their meaning. She acknowledges the dynamic energy brought by the post-bridge rap section, highlighting its special place in the song’s structure.

However, she candidly admits to mixed feelings about the famous “Wake me up!” line in the chorus, stating:

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“Do I still like the song? I truly do. It’s beautiful. The progression in the beginning, the way the chord goes back and forth with just the middle note moving, that is so me.

I always find myself coming back to that vibe. So, yes, I still love that song, the lyrics, all of it. The energy that the post-bridge rap brings is really special. I don’t so much love the ‘Wake me up!’ part on the chorus, but it doesn’t bug me anymore.

Reflecting on the album “Fallen,” from which the song originates, Lee humorously remarks that had there been more rap-oriented tracks like “Bring Me To Life,” she might have felt compelled to rebrand the band entirely. This comment underlines her acceptance of the song as a unique, albeit somewhat uncharacteristic, piece in their discography.

Two decades later, Lee’s journey with “Bring Me To Life” appears to have come full circle. From initial reservations to a matured appreciation, her relationship with the song encapsulates the evolution of an artist and her connection to a piece that has undeniably defined a significant part of Evanescence’s legacy.

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