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Bloodstock 2019 – The Interviews

Despite the wind and the occasionally challenging weather conditions, Bloodstock 2019 was a great year for the festival.

Pete Bailey, Shorty and Dewsbury were there to hang out with the PRFam, see some great live music, and grab some interviews with a whole bunch of artists who were appearing across the Bloodstock weekend.

PRFAM at Bloodstock 2019

The latest Bloodstock 2019 content dump includes…….

  • Binge Thinking EP53 – Bloodstock 2019 (Footprints In The Custard, Soilwork, Stormcast, Thy Art Is Murder)
  • Binge Thinking EP52 – Bloodstock 2019 (Tesseract, Red Method, Witchtripper, Saurr, Tomorrow Is Lost, The Wildhearts)
  • Binge Thinking EP51 – Bloodstock 2019 (Blind River, Grand Magus, Dust Bolt, Harbinger, Sabaton)
  • Binge Thinking EP50 – Bloodstock 2019 (Cancer Bats, Ten Ton Slug, The Lazys, Black Falcon, Evil Scarecrow)

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