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Primordial Radio Membership – A New Video and Approach

Published / Sat 9 Feb 2019

Evolve your rock and metal music tastes with Primordial Radio Membership

Times change and if you don’t move with the times you get stuck – hence the new video and change of promotion.

But not everyone is a fan of flashy video marketing be it from disability – either visually or aurally, or its just plain inconvenient to watch at work or on the commute.  Lets face it, even Google prefers good old fashioned words to know what is going on,  so please read on…

The initial marketing drive was very much a big F*ck You to the way that some Radio Stations thought Rock Music and Metal Music Fans should be treated as a audience and that there was a better way of doing it – Primordial Radio was out to prove a point.

But anger, passion and fear of the unknown can only drive you so far and as a ball roller it did the job.

Circumstances always change, Primordial Radio have proven the concept and hit the magic “over 1000 members” goal, so after a year, our point has be proven that the concept works and now it is time to harness the positivity that is moving the station forwards.

Try something different and challenge the norm.

Primordial Radio was initially funded by the community it set out to serve but not via the stereotypically route of just dealing with the old favourites/classic  on constant repeat, broken up by intrusive commercial advertising and 10 seconds of meaningless “banter”.

  • We’re proud to say that Primordial Radio interacts with its listeners on a daily basis, from One Word Wednesday Bingo to handing over the music every #FreeSpinFriday for 12 hours to the listeners.
  • Not being bound to commercials and advertisements means having the ability to change programming on the fly to reflect the lives and mood of their listeners (and sometimes the Presenters!)
  • Primordial Radio is proud to boast that over 50% of the rock and metal music it plays is new and fresh, from Mongolian heavy metal/folk metal through to the the old school rock & metal classics.

Every day is different and a chance to experience something new – you can’t please 100% of people all of the time, but we try our best to make “every day a school day” in the the rock and metal music world !

No one gets left behind

Community is a word that is often banded about, but in this case it Primordial Radio makes it work. From travelling the UK to met up with listeners on the Long Road to Brewin’ Tours, to hosting interactive quizzes which you can play online or in person, to events such as the Big Bang and the AGM.  Outside of the station, you can meet up with like minded folks at gigs, bars, pubs and clubs – you are never alone.

Break the Mould

The perceived stereotypes of Rock and Metal fans normally consist of  long hair, tattoos, axes, flames, horns, skulls and lots of GGGRRRRR and this is often reflected by the PR & Branding at other Radio Stations.

At Primordial Radio we know everyone is unique and doesn’t necessarily confirm to the stereotype, the core thing all of our listeners have in common is their choice/style/genre of music.  If our listeners don’t fit the “typical” branding – why should we ?

Keeping it Simple

Life and Business boils downs to Rules and sometimes this makes things complicated. Here at Primordial Radio we’ve adopted 3 rules that helps keep it all simple

  1. Don’t be a Dick
  2. Do the Right Thing
  3. If in Doubt see Rule 1.

No strings, no bull

If you have got this far then hopefully you are still interested…so what’s next ?

Take a 30 day FREE trial on us, no money or credit card details, just sign up and give it a go.

As well as getting access to the live shows from the Moose in the Morning through to Pete Bailey in the Middle and Dewsbury in the Afternoon Monday to Friday, plus  Shorty and Tom “The Blowfish” Hird as well on weekends, you also get member exclusive podcasts and 10% of merch – all on a free trial !

So if you like what you hear, you can upgrade your account at the end of 30 days, if you don’t then please, let us know why

Can’t be fairer than that can we ?



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