Primordial Radio AGM – Drinkin’ In Lincoln


Tickets available on the door.  £30

Go FAQ Yourself

Where is this shindiggery happening?

The Lincolnshire Showgrounds

Is there a map of the site?

Sort of.  Here’s one Harry made.

Can we camp on Friday night?  From what time?  What’s happening?

You can but there will be a charge payable upon arrival. No more than a fiver a head.  You can arrive from 1400 onward.  The bar will be open in the evening and we are ordering pizza from a local business at 2000 and 2200.

What do I do when I show up?

Please register when you arrive and are sorted.   We should be organised from 1400 Friday.   To get a wristband for the nighttime gig you will need to show your E Ticket on your phone along with ID.  ID can be anything from the ability to recite your mobile number, a bank card, dental records whatever.  It won’t be a pat down SO DON’T STRESS.   Please DO NOT print your E ticket.  AT ALL TIME PLEASE OBSERVE THE 3 RULES.

How do I pay for things?  Is there a cash machine on site?

There is NO CASH MACHINE ON SITE.    The bar and food will operate on a token system.   Tokens can be purchased by cash or card.   Merch can be purchased by cash and card.  Raffles and cakes will be cash only.

What’s time is everything happening on Saturday?

You are welcome on site from 0900

  • Congregate and murmur 1200 – 1300
  • AGM 1300 – 1600 (Meeting will start at 1300 sharp)
  • “The Void” (Roast and Drinks) 1600 – 1900
  • Live music 1900 – 2245
  • Shorty DJ experience 2245 – Til we get kicked out (0000)
  • Milling around laughing and hugging – All weekend.

Is there seating at the gig?

We have a small riser to the right of the stage only for people who require seats.    Please make this known as you check in to ensure we have sufficient seats to meet demand.

What’s the deal with food?

  • We are ordering pizza on Friday and Saturday evening and selling per slice.  £2 a slice cash.
  • Breakfast (bacon/veggie roll, pastry, juice/coffee/tea)  will be available Sat and Sun but you must buy a token in advance.  £4 voucher
  • Hog Roast with veggie and kids options served during The Void.   Lunch will £6 adults/£4 kids voucher

What drinks are on offer?

Get yourself a supply of drink tokens (you can pay for tokens with cash or card) and head to the bar(s) for:

  • A range of fine beer from Pig & Porter:  From £4 pint/  From £2 1/2 pint
  • Apple and Mango Cider:  £4 pint/ £2 1/2 pint
  • Spirits: Vodka, Gin, Spiced Rum, and Jack Daniels with mixer: £4
  • Soft Drinks (aluminium cans of coke, sprite, orange/lemon Pellegrino) £1
  • Free water will be available.  (please don’t bring plastic bottles)


Yes.  All the new designs will be available first at the AGM so you can avoid P & P charges. (NB: Prices shown are inclusive of investor 15% discount)

  • The limited edition first ever Drinkin’ In Lincoln t shirt £17
  • Blowfish approved aluminium water bottles £6
  • Hoodies £32
  • Zoodies £32
  • #noregerts t-shirts £17
  • Squid Maze t-shirts £17
  • The Rules t-shirts £17

Plus Beanies, Slouchies, Snapback Hats, Milk & Dark Bo Squiddley Chocolate, Pin badges, and wristbands .

Are cameras allowed at the gig?

Absolutely.  Except in the toilets.

Are there toilets and showers for camping?

Yes. There is a toilet and shower block on site.

Will there be allocated spaces for camping?

No. It is first in, first served. There will be stewards on site to point you in the right direction.   There is an abundance of space for the numbers we expect so even the shittest site will be no more than 5 minutes walk from the venue.

Is there room for a Camper van and its awning?

Yes, BUT THERE IS NO POWER OR HOOK-UP. It is literally a grass field and that’s it.

Do people need to let us know if they are camping in a tent or camper van.


Is there anything planned in-between the AGM and the Gig?

There is. We are having a hog roast and drinks.

What time does the do end?

The Exhibition hall goes quiet at midnight.

What time do we have to vacate the site?

When you are sober enough to do so.   Out of respect and kindness if we aim to be clear of the showgrounds by noon that’d be cool.

Can we bring our own food?

You can if you wish but there will be catering on-site.   We’d prefer if you bought our food so we can make some money but if you have specific dietary requirements that must be met then you need to meet them.



Any questions or issues please email us at

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