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One way round the track please – Crofty’s Tracks Lap 4

Published / Thu 9 May 2019

Croftys Tracks - Lap 4

Photo: crofty-tracks-4

Crofty’s Tracks – Lap 4

Croftys Tracks 3rd Lap

Crofty’s Tracks is back for a fourth time, on air 9th May during Dewsbury’s show at 17:00 , ahead of the Spanish GP this weekend.

There’s a bluesy feel to this weeks’ show, with music from Walter Trout, Joe Bonamassa, Stevie Ray Vaughan and Five Finger Death Punch. Crofty and Dews cover the usual topics with music and F1 chat, including how teams like Williams can remain financially viable while running at the back of the grid, and a look ahead to the Spanish Grand Prix. In between that, they cover topics such as why the BBC doesn’t have comedy newsreaders, the dangers of having a cat with one front leg, and how to annoy George Lucas in three easy steps.

This will also be available Friday 10th May in the Crofty’s Tracks podcast, exclusive to Primordial Radio Members, with the entire session including all the stuff you hear on-air, plus all the stuff we talk about off-air. Bonus Points!
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