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Game on ! #owwb time

Published / Mon 28 Sep 2020

OWWB New Logo for Primordial Radio Website

Not sure how to play ? Want to know about #owwbrewind ? Check out the new #owwb page.

13 clues for you so all the more points for you to get !

Jeanette Groombridge picked up another Hive Mind badge last week, and the one and only Matthew Simpson is choosing the songs for this week.

1. darkness
2. blowfish
3. ex
4. flav
5. jammy
6. antivenom
7. moose
8. paradox
9. snow
10. dewsbury
11. pete
12. waves
13. cheese

Blunty’s BDF awaits……good luck ! Don’t forget, there is the “can’t be arsed” option so you can enter and put minimal effort in – you never know, it might be you next week !

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