How bazaar ! – Episode 149 | Primordial Radio - Rock. Metal. Community.

How bazaar ! – Episode 149

Published in Primordial Radio Podcast, on Thursday, November 14th, 2019

If you’re going to make your podcast title a pop-culture reference, what could be more socially or culturally relevant than OMC’s 1996 hit “How Bizarre”?
This week Moose and Dews catch-up once again to chat and discuss the latest goings-on in the Primordial Radio World.
Topics on the agenda this week are :
  • the latest membership update and a possible rethink,
  • the latest news on the upcoming Burns Supper,
  • The background of the upcoming Primordial Bazaar
  • news of Primordial Studio 7
  • and the actual worst sales pitch for an advent calendar that you’ve ever heard.
Blowfish makes his second appearance with “Small Change”., a feature that will be moving up in the world soon.
There’s also the introduction of Richard Hanson aka. Ideas Man, who is hopefully going to be keeping the ideas coming.


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