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How The Treatment Are Pioneering The Future of Rock Music

Published / Fri 29 Mar 2024

How The Treatment Are Pioneering The Future of Rock Music

Photo: How The Treatment Are Pioneering The Future of Rock Music  /  Credit: Primordial Radio

The essence of rock music, with its raw energy, rebellious spirit, and ability to evolve while staying true to its roots, is perfectly embodied in the journey of The Treatment.

Emerging from the vibrant and tumultuous landscape of rock music, The Treatment has navigated its way through the industry with a blend of resilience, talent, and an undeniable passion for the music they create.

We recently caught up with members Tagore Grey (Guitar/Backing Vocals) and Dhani Mansworth (Drums) who offer an insightful glimpse into their experiences, challenges, and the evolution of their sound and band dynamics over the years.

The Formation and Evolution

The Treatment’s inception, rooted in youthful ambition and a shared passion for rock ‘n’ roll, set the stage for a journey replete with both triumphs and trials. From their early days, the band’s trajectory has been anything but ordinary. Thrust into the limelight at a tender age, they found themselves touring with giants like Alice Cooper and Kiss, a testament to their raw talent and potential. This rapid ascent, however, was not without its challenges.

Dhani Mansworth: Our early career saw us quickly thrust into the spotlight; there were a handful of bands within our scene, and being the young ones, we secured a deal quickly. This rapid start meant we weren’t the band we are now; we were learning on the go, touring with some of the biggest names. We went from club tours to immediately supporting Alice Cooper, which felt like a massive leap.

I remember our warmup show was at The Crauford Arms in Milton Keynes. Just five days later, we were in Washington, D.C., playing to an arena of 30,000 people. We had no choice but to adapt quickly.

Tagore Grey: All bands face their challenges, and rock and roll is tough. It takes time to find your identity and grow as people. Since Tom Rampton (Vocals) joined, the band has really come together. The momentum we’re experiencing is incredible, bringing a new energy to our shows and a strong connection with our fans. This energy has been building up to our latest album release, promising something big.

Dhani Mansworth: Modern music has evolved rapidly, but we’ve had the chance to grow and hone our craft over the years. Playing together for 15 years, Tag and I have become a cohesive unit, able to anticipate each other’s moves effortlessly. This synchronicity comes from time and dedication to our music.

The Shift to Digital: A New Frontier

Initially grounded in the old-school tactics of street teams and physical flyers, The Treatment’s foray into the world of social media, streaming platforms, and digital marketing was not merely a shift in tools but a transformation in strategy. This transition posed a significant learning curve, requiring the band to master the intricacies of various platforms, understand the algorithms that dictate visibility, and create engaging content that resonates with their audience. Despite these challenges, the digital realm opened up new avenues for creativity and direct fan engagement, allowing The Treatment to cultivate a digital persona that complements their musical identity.

Dhani Mansworth: It’s good there are now many opportunities for unsigned bands to share their music, tour, and build a following. When we started, Instagram was just emerging, so we’ve had to catch up with other bands in terms of social media presence, which wasn’t a priority at the beginning. Our approach was very traditional—focus on making records, improving our skills, touring, and marketing in the conventional sense. Social media became significant for us only halfway through our career.

I remember organizing street teams and distributing flyers for gigs, a practice from an era before social media dominated. This shift forced us to adapt from our old-school mentality to the modern music landscape. We’ve been inspired by how other bands leverage social media to gain recognition. The ability for bands to break through using social media has improved dramatically, transforming the music business in ways we had to learn and embrace.

Beyond the music itself, digital marketing has become a crucial element of The Treatment’s approach to building their brand and maintaining momentum between releases. Engaging music videos, behind-the-scenes content, and interactive fan experiences have become integral to their digital marketing strategy, recognizing that modern music fans seek a multi-dimensional relationship with artists. It underscores a broader truth: despite the constant change and new challenges presented by the digital era, the fundamental power of music to connect, inspire, and mobilize remains unchanged.

Primordial General Mayhem

Primordial Radio is hugely excited to announce the return of the Primordial General Mayhem 2024 with dynamic and hard-hitting five-piece retro-rockers THE TREATMENT headlining the Friday night.

Fresh from their massively successful tour with Buckcherry, they are set to deliver an electrifying performance with one of their biggest-ever headline shows to date. Joining them are the Brighton-based punk-rock aficionados THE BAR STOOL PREACHERS, alongside energetic South Wales rockers JAMES & THE COLD GUN and hard rock sensations FURY, who made a remarkable impression last year by drawing an overwhelming crowd to the festival’s smaller stage.

Primordial General Mayhem 2024 - Friday Line-Up

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Independent Venues & Headlining the PGM

The Treatment’s support for independent music venues emphasizes the vital function these spaces have in the live music ecosystem. According to the band, these venues are not merely platforms for performances but also serve as nurturing grounds for talent, community gathering places, and guardians of the live music experience.

Tagore Grey: On our last headline tour, we did a run of 18 shows, and almost every single one was in an independent venue. There’s something really important about supporting venues like KK’s Steel Mill. Fans and punters are making very conscious decisions to support independent venues because they’re run with love, not just as a business, but because the people behind them care deeply about music.

When you perform there, everything you need is on site, and you’re looked after incredibly well, regardless of whether you’re a small band or headlining. This support for independent venues is crucial because they also support local communities. You see, when you put on shows, the local community backs these places, resulting in incredible shows. The festivals hosted are particularly attentive, highlighting the unique and vital role these venues play in the music ecosystem.

Tagore Grey: We can’t wait to headline the PGM, I think it’ll be it’ll be a really cool festival, we’ve developed a very strong following in Wolverhampton since KK’s opened up.

Dhani Mansworth: Wolves is a place that we’ve always loved playing, fans are great around here, it’s going to be great just to put on a big show for our fans and the Primordial community.

The challenges faced by independent venues, from financial instability to the threats posed by urban development and changing regulations, resonate deeply within the rock community. The survival of these venues is critical to bands such as The Treatment who rightly recognize their irreplaceable role in the ecosystem of live music. In essence, independent venues are the lifeblood of the rock community. They are places where artists can take their first steps, where fans can experience the raw energy of live music, and where the spirit of rock is nurtured and sustained.

The Future of Rock Music & The Treatment

The future of rock music, illuminated by bands like The Treatment, seems to be on a promising trajectory, defying the periodic declarations of its demise. Known for its resilience and adaptability, rock music continues to evolve, drawing in a new generation of fans while retaining its core audience. The Treatment, with their deep roots in the essence of rock and their willingness to navigate the changing landscapes of the music industry, exemplifies the dynamic future of rock music.

Tagore Grey: You’ve got to be really good and offer people a great time; they don’t want to come out and not enjoy themselves. To succeed, being skilled at what you do is essential.

Dhani Mansworth: It’s arguably the strongest time for British bands. The underground scene is incredible now. When we started, it felt like there were just a handful of us, bands like Jett Black and Black Spiders. But now, there’s a whole scene and community of bands. It’s fantastic. It’s beneficial for all bands to unite and push in the same direction. It feels like we’re on the cusp of something special for rock music.

The Treatment’s journey from playing small clubs to sharing stages with rock legends, and their continuous evolution both musically and in terms of their approach to the industry, speaks volumes about the potential pathways for rock music in the future. Their story is a testament to the importance of adaptability, resilience, and the unwavering passion that defines the spirit of rock.

As they prepare to release new material and headline the PGM, there is a palpable sense of anticipation and excitement, not just for what they will bring to the table musically, but also for how they represent the evolving narrative of rock music.

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