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KORN In The Style Of BRITNEY?!? Works Better Than You’d Think.

Published / Thu 10 Nov 2022

Youtuber Anthony Vincent Combines Korn With Britney Spears

Photo: Youtuber Anthony Vincent Combines Korn With Britney Spears

With one of the most distinctive sounds in music, Korn was a perfect choice for Anthony Vincent to impersonate. Bridging the worlds of nu-metal and noughties pop, this time he has taken on Britney Spear’s 2003 Toxic (Watch Below) with results that leave you wondering if this has been a Korn song the whole time?!?

It feels like Korn, it sounds like Korn, but it’s not Korn. The YouTuber has somehow made the two artists co-exist with his unique blend of influences and creativity that only he can pull off this well in such an amazing way as if you’re listening for something new every time around despite being familiarized by some parts already heard before.

The cover’s sound is so similar to Korn’s that it gives people an eerie feeling with others are amazed by how accurately Vincent captured the vibe of the nu-metal legends:

If this appeared in Limewire back in the day labelled as Korn – Toxic (Britney Spears cover).mp3 then absolutely no one would question its authenticity. This is perfect.

Damn, this legitimately sounded like KoRn did a Brittany Spears cover. Well done.

We stumbled into a universe where KORN wrote Toxic and it ended up on the Now That’s What I Call Music! 15 album.

Korn are joining forces with System Of A Down, Deftones and more for a massive Nu-Metal Festival, “Sick New World” in Las Vegas that will take place on Saturday, May 13th 2023.

Over 50 bands have been confirmed to appear at the one-day event including Incubus, P.O.D, Evanescence, Papa Roach, Coal Chamber, Spiritbox, Soulfly and more.

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Youtuber Anthony Vincent Combines Korn With Britney Spears

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Youtuber Anthony Vincent Combines Korn With Britney Spears

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