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LEBROCK Drops New Retro-Rock single ‘Chemistry’

Published / Thu 15 Dec 2022

LEBROCK Drops New Retro-Rock single 'Chemistry'

Photo: LEBROCK Drops New Retro-Rock single ‘Chemistry’  /  Credit: Alex Hughes

LeBrock has returned with a delicious mix of past and present on their newest single “Chemistry.” With vintage-inspired guitar chords juxtaposed against futuristic synths, this irresistible track carries thought-provoking lyrics punctuated by the band’s iconic vocals. Prepare for your senses to be ignited as the classic rock flavours come alive in perfect harmony!

Speaking about the track, the band stated:

The tale of two people making that unbreakable connection, the friend or partner you just can’t be without. Rich or poor, good or bad, it’s all the same when you have chemistry.

“Chemistry” is out now from independent multi-genre music label FiXT.

LeBrock have quickly made a name for themselves in the music world with their unique blend of ’80s melodic rock riffs and glittering synthwave melodies.

Their critically-acclaimed debut EP, Action and Romance, which featured millions of streams on Spotify, was followed up by Real Thing – anthemic retro tunes full of powerful vocals that cemented LeBrock’s status as innovators within contemporary music.

They have released a succession of singles across the past few years, creating an innovative sound that mixes ’80s rock vibes with modern production sensibilities. This culminated in their debut album Fuse this June and was followed quickly by new single “Running Wild” – part of continued musical output from the band leading up to their next release.

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