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Mastodon’s Troy Sanders Honoured As Little League Coach of the Year

Published / Tue 12 Mar 2024

Mastodon's Troy Sanders Honoured As Little League Coach of the Year

Photo: Mastodon’s Troy Sanders Honoured As Little League Coach of the Year  /  Credit:

Troy Sanders, best known as the singer and bassist for the band Mastodon, plays a significant role beyond his musical endeavours as an active participant in his local Florida Little League.

His involvement extends from serving as the league president to coaching his son’s team and even umpiring games, showcasing a multifaceted commitment to community sports.

Sanders’ engagement with the Little League began when his son joined the Indian Rocks Beach Little League. Initially, Sanders supported from the sidelines, but his involvement deepened over time, transitioning from spectator to active volunteer. He started by assisting in the concession stand and eventually took on roles such as assistant coach and team manager, contributing significantly to the league’s daily operations and community spirit.

From Sidelines to Leadership

His progression within the league didn’t stop there. Sanders’ dedication and passion for youth sports led him to serve on the league’s Board of Directors for four years before assuming the role of league president, a position he has held for the past two years. This journey from a parent in the stands to a key organizational figure underscores his commitment to supporting and developing young athletes.

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The recognition of Sanders’ efforts came in the form of the Positive Coaching Alliance’s 2024 Regional Baseball Coach of the Year Award, an honor quietly announced in late January but recently spotlighted by MetalSucks. Reflecting on the accolade, Sanders expressed his heartfelt appreciation, noting, “Once I started as an assistant coach, it felt like a very natural and authentic progression… There’s nothing I love more than coaching Little League.”

He further elaborated on the significance of the recognition, saying,

“Every season, we need to find coaches to fill any voids, especially at the Tell Ball division. A lot of parents know at least a little bit about the game, but don’t want to volunteer as a coach in fear of disappointing players because of their lack of experience. I just remind them that a lot of coaches started at a point where they did not know everything, including myself, and if we can do it, they can, too. It’s just all about encouragement to get them over the hump of insecurity and reminding them that we are all there for the greater good of the players and their love for the game.”  

Despite his deep-rooted involvement in the league, Sanders will be taking a temporary hiatus to rejoin his bandmates for Mastodon’s upcoming 2024 tour, a much-anticipated event that sees them joining forces with Lamb of God and Kerry King’s new band. The tour, set to take place across North America starts on July 19th 2024.

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Mastodon's Troy Sanders Honoured As Little League Coach of the Year

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