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Meet The Band: SLOPE – Hardcore Funk Touring with Body Count

Published / Fri 28 Jun 2024

Meet the Band: SLOPE - Hardcore Funk Fusion Touring with Body Count

Photo: Meet the Band: SLOPE – Hardcore Funk Fusion Touring with Body Count  /  Credit: Geldbier

If high-energy, enthusiastic shows are what you’re looking for, SLOPE is a band you should definitely check out. The German cross-over band blend sharp hardcore influences with captivating funk grooves that are hard to ignore.

Their seamless fusion of genres, supported by rich basslines and powerful riffs, gives the band an infectious energy that you need to experience live.

We had a quick chat with vocalist Fabio Krautner before their upcoming tour UK tour with Bodycount, fronted by the legendary Ice-T.

SLOPE On Tour With BodyCount

How did your tour with Body Count come about? Did it require more than just an agent’s email?

I think it’s a big plus that we are on the same label. But also, music-wise, it fits pretty well. We both combine elements of other genres with heavy music, and I think that this was also part of the decision.

You’ve been described as Hardcore Funk Fusion Madcats. Is it challenging to fit into the structured, algorithm-driven music world?

If you try to fit into something, then my answer is definitely yes. I can understand that, for example, streaming platforms don’t know where to place us in playlists because we combine more than one genre. We don’t take this as a challenge. The most important thing is to do our thing and make the music that we want to do. If we would create a song out of eight genres and it would sound great, we would be happy with it. Barriers and rules mean nothing to us.

Hardcore and Metal fans have had a love/hate relationship. How do you feel the fan bases differ in 2024?

First of all, I think it’s dumb to hate someone because of their taste in music. But I think the genres are becoming more alike since more hardcore bands have an influence from metal bands sound-wise.

⁠Your album ‘Freak Dreams’ feels direct and fun. Was it written without overthinking?

We always take our time writing an album. All five of us need to be together in one room for the writing process. I would answer yes for some songs and a big no for others on the record. Some songs took us a day, while others took months until we were happy with them.

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How do you balance making music that is both thought-provoking and energetic?

To be honest, I don’t know. It’s just a feeling.

⁠’It’s Tickin’ is inspired by 9-5 life. What’s the worst job you’ve had?

4€/h in a fitness studio at age 14.

⁠Your influences like Beastie Boys and Rage Against The Machine broke massively into the mainstream. Do you think SLOPE can achieve similar success?

I believe that our music is outstanding enough to catch a big audience. You know, if you go controversial ways, you will always have people loving it and hating it. Personally, I believe if you put enough effort, passion, and patience into something, the success will come by itself.

⁠What’s next for SLOPE after the tour with Body Count?

We have some festivals left for this summer, and we are heading for our second headliner tour, Fury Funk, in October, which fortunately starts in London on the 3rd of October. I think in the next three months our focus will be on creating a new and special production for this tour. But we already have some sick ideas.

Make sure to arrive early and catch SLOPE across the UK supporting Bodycount.

Find the available dates and tickets below.

30/06 – O2 Kentish Town Forum – London
01/07 – The Ritz – Manchester
02/07 – SWG3 (Galvanizers) – Glasgow

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