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We’re GATEKEEPING Gigs Now?!?!

Published / Tue 2 Aug 2022

Photo: Gatekeeping Gigs

2022, the year that keeps on giving and now there is the ability to gatekeep gigs…

This is possible via a new app called Fave where you have to prove your fandom in order to get access to gig tickets and artist experiences.

Fave utilizes a ranking system, where you have to work your way up as you display your fandom more and more, going from Fan to Verified Fan and then Verified Superfan, which will be displayed on your user profile. The higher up you go in the rankings, the more rewards you can gain access to, which are provided by the artists and collaborators. Rewards range from gigs to listening parties and more.

Fave founder and CEO Jacquelle Amankonah Horton states:

On Fave, top-fan status and access to exclusive experiences are not just reserved to the people who can afford it or got lucky in some random giveaway — neither of those correlate to how passionate and deserving of a fan you are. Instead, fans earn these experiences through the authentic, heartfelt activities they’ve already been doing.

Whilst we currently have to deal with issues such as touts, re-selling and dynamic pricing, in the future we may have to name 30 songs instead of 3 to go see our favourite bands…

Thoughts and commiserations to everyone who just got into Metallica off the back of Stranger Things.

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