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As you all know we have a very talented community here at Primordial Radio. As a result, we are launching a new clothing range called PRFam Designed, where approved original clothing designs will be added for a limited time to our dropship on our new clothing range that is made by Stanley/­Stella and its 100% Organic and Vegan Cotton*, Blowfish has also reviewed Stanley/Stella and has given them his approval.

So how does it work?

  • Designs must be original, your own design not using any other 3rd party designs/brands.
  • Designs used by Primordial, Matt Youngs/My Oh My and Other PRFam Designers are out of bounds so you cant use the likes of Stormbender.
  • BoSquidly can be used.
  • Designs must be a high resolution, For best results, we ask for a 300ppi PNG to preserve your transparent background. We also ask for you to use RGB colour values when designing your artwork since the printing software converts these values to CMYK for print.
    • The maximum printing area for DTG is 32cm x 50cm
  • Click Here for the colour codes, key phrases and fonts commonly used with info on where to get them.
  • Merch will be available for a maximum of 60 days from launch
  • You will receive 15% of the profit from sales of your design after the time it’s on sale.
  • Send designs to [email protected] where designs will be reviewed by a panel, submission does not mean automatic acceptance.

Current Design:


Past Designs

Head Squirrel #prfam designed merchOutlaw #prfam designed merchZombie Horn prfam Designprfam designed 80's synthContent Bear prfam designed merch