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The Inkubus Project – how hard can it be ?

Mission Situation : Accommodating Primordial Radio when out “on the road”.

Tents would have been cheaper but due to <REDACTED>’s lack of enthusiasm for embracing the outdoor lifestyle under canvas, an alternative solution is required.

Something that can be used by Primordial Radio at Festivals & Events and possibly made available for bands, artists and others to use. Something with wheels…. and a roof

Mission Crew : We had a problem, we knew where to find them, we knew they would help – The P-Team has been assembled.

Headed up by Primordial Dad aka Paul Marshall and Pridge¬† in charge of herding any help offered and “acquisitions “alongside a crack team of volunteers who have been identified from the Primordial Radio Community, aka #prfam,

Mission Brief : Turn a bus into a mobile studio & camper !


Inkubus Mission Updates :


April 2021 – It’s been a while, but the Inkubus camper team have been busy behind the scenes !

Would you hire the Primordial Radio Inkubus Camper when it's available ?

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6th April 2020 – There is no stopping Paul ! But as he says “Another full day on the inkubus, doesn’t look like I’ve done much, but it’s the black art of electrics and you can hide everything” Plus a video walkthrough !

5th April 2020 – Primordial Dad has been cracking on

29th March 2020 – Doesn’t look much but it took a lot of head scratching according to Primordial Dad


28th March 2020 – Solar Panels getting fitted to the Inkubus and the 4G comms kit is good to go….


19th March 2020 – the Inkubus gets a bus warming present from Angie Lane

15th March 2020 – Another busy day on the Inkubus


13 & 14th March 2020 – Primordial Dad Update : Another busy day although the photos don’t look it

23rd February 2020 – Primordial Dad Update : Had a good contingent of prfam here today and it has marched on, the stickers have been a pain but 1side is nearly clean of them and all the wires seem to be in, it’s moving on but I’m tired now and I’ve done nothing

20th February 2020 – Richard Starbrook working on the rockstar stylie window tints

12th February 2020 – Inkubus arrives at Primordial Dad and work is underway

8th December 2019 РPrimordial Radio makes its largest ever single purchase  Рa bus !

16th January 2020 – We need you – well, not you, your stuff ! Can you help Pridge with his Inkubus requisitions list ?

  • 9mm plywood
  • Camper stove/sink unit
  • Hot/cold water tap(camper style)
  • Water pump
  • 20litre water container
  • 10litre hot water tank
  • Propane regulator/fittings
  • 3.9/5kg propane cylinder
  • Caravan mains connection
  • Porta loo(not an integrated 1)
  • 4m wind out awning
  • 240 – 12volt smart battery charger
  • 12volt leisure batteries
  • Flexible solar panels and smart charging unit
  • Digital TV ariel
  • 32″/40″ smart tv/monitor with hdmi and vga inputs
  • 2000w invertor
  • 12volt smart charging relay from the engine
  • Battery changeover switch
  • 5- 2′ wide by 6′ long foam mattress
  • Dry powder fire extinguisher
  • Fire blanket
  • Diesel night heater
  • Bluetooth stereo (auto)
  • Forward /reverse dash cam
  • Foil blinds or material to make blinds 1m wide
  • Large foil wide-screen cover
  • Roll of foil insulation

Email me at [email protected]