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What is Primordial Radio?

Primordial Radio is about people.

We are a group of individuals who, when our last gig went bust, said “Fuck that”.   Fuck working for massive media companies that don’t care about the rock and metal audience.   Fuck dancing to the tune of government regulation.  Fuck begging for scraps from advertising agencies.  

We chose to control our destiny and turn the existing model on its head and create a rock and metal service owned, operated, and shaped by the community it serves.  We crowdfunded and 873 members of the rock and metal community invested in the idea.  An idea to respect one another and put people’s needs in the forefront.   An idea where we’re fiercely independent yet not alone.  An idea where every decision taken is in the best interest of our community

We know, regardless of circumstance, the one thing the rock and metal community accepts is the truth and the truth is what we give you.  No lies.  No bullshit.  No spin.

We are you.

FAQ That


How do I get in touch?

Head to our official contact page or if you can’t be arsed get in touch with Moose [email protected] or 07761 960 161.

What do I do if I am worried about something?

Am I Alone in the Universe?

Absolutely not. We are here and if we can help, we will. If you don’t want to talk to us then talk to your family. If you don’t want to talk to your family then talk to a friend. If you don’t want to talk to a friend then talk to people who want to help. A good place to start is The Samaritans

What do I get for my membership?

A sense of belonging and community. You get us and everything we create first. You’ll also get 10% discount on all our merchandise and events. Take a look over here to see more reasons on why you should have Primordial Radio Membership

Why would I support Primordial Radio?

Because you think it’s a good idea that will break the existing model and work for the benefit and good of the community.

What do you think was in that danish?

We think it was cheese.

Do you take anything seriously?

Just because we make light of things doesn’t mean we take things lightly. We use humour to try and rationalise and process a pretty fucked-up world. We take Primordial Radio very seriously.

What’s with all the in-jokes?


What are Primordial Radio’s rules of engagement?

  • 1) Don’t be a dick
  • 2) Do the right thing
  • 3) When in doubt refer to Rule #1