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ROAD2RUIN FEST… A post apocalyptic festival, because why not?

Published / Fri 24 Jun 2022

Photo: Road2Ruin Festival Goers

Set in the rural wastelands of Buckinghamshire, Road2Ruin is a post-apocalyptic festival featuring vehicles, fire, music, beer, V8s and more, because why the hell not! Let’s face it, there’s never been a better time for a post-apocalyptic festival.

Across the weekend there will be bands, performers, sideshows, weirdos, beer, food stalls, dancers, DJs, noise, fuel, fire, a dance area and a Road Run – The Road to Ruin. The whole event will be set inside a compound of trade stalls, a speciality-built stage, distressing stations, and workshops…for all of your post-apocalyptic needs!

A fully themed vehicle Road Run featuring cars, bikes, trikes and trucks from around the UK on a pre-planned convoy.

A Battle Arena where participants can join in Jugger leagues, Thunderdome fights and watch flaming sword and live-action displays. There will also be axe-throwing, whip-cracking and sword-fighting workshops available for all ages.

We spoke to organizer ‘Sneaky Pete’ all about the festival and how it came together.

There will be traders serving everything from coffee, merchandise, food, and specially-designed post-apocalyptic accessories and costumes, not to mention our specially-stocked onsite bar.

Vehicle displays including rat rods, survival bikes, ratbikes and trucks at the Desolation Alley Vehicle Show and Vehicle Photography compound.

A dance tent serving all of your post-live-music and dancing needs!

Grab your tickets to Road2Ruin

JULY, 2022
7-10 – Buckinghamshire, UK

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