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The Ascension of Saint Agnes: Echoes in the Dark

Published / Tue 2 Apr 2024

The Ascension of Saint Agnes: Echoes in the Dark

Photo: The Ascension of Saint Agnes: Echoes in the Dark  /  Credit: Saint Agnes

In the ever-evolving tapestry of the UK music scene, Saint Agnes has emerged as a beacon for the gothic rock genre, weaving a complex narrative of emotional depth, raw energy, and haunting melodies.

The band, comprised of Kitty A. Austen (Vocals, Guitar, Bass), Jon James Tufnell (Guitar, Vox, Bass), and Andrew Head (drums) has drawn from a rich palette of musical influences to create a sound that is both a homage and a challenge to the conventions of gothic rock.

The Genesis of Saint Agnes: A Fusion of Past and Present

Saint Agnes’s musical odyssey is a compelling testament to the power of diverse influences coming together to forge a unique sonic identity. The band’s foundation is rooted in an admiration for the visceral energy and emotional intensity of Nine Inch Nails, the authenticity and storytelling prowess of PJ Harvey, and the innovative, genre-defying spirit of Jack White. This eclectic mix of inspirations has guided the band in crafting a sound that resonates with the darkness and mystique of gothic rock while injecting a fresh, contemporary vitality into the genre.

The album “Bloodsuckers” marks a significant development in Saint Agnes’s discography, illustrating their adept handling of themes such as love, loss, and defiance. The integration of their diverse musical influences into a unified sound demonstrates both technical proficiency and a nuanced grasp of the varied emotional contexts within which they operate. This blend of respect for their musical roots with a drive towards innovation allows Saint Agnes to produce work that not only pays tribute to the gothic rock genre but also advances it.

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Bloodsuckers: Crafting an Album of Emotional Catharsis and Authenticity

“Bloodsuckers” marks a significant phase in Saint Agnes’s development, both artistically and emotionally. The album emerged during a time of considerable personal loss and introspection for the band, highlighting music’s role in addressing and processing grief. The involvement of Sean Bevin, noted for his work on the raw, unfiltered production styles characteristic of early Nine Inch Nails releases, influenced the direction of the album.

This partnership motivated Saint Agnes to adopt a more pared-down approach to their sound, focusing on authenticity and the expression of unguarded emotion. Through this collaboration, the band was encouraged to accept and incorporate the inherent imperfections and emotional intensity in their music, contributing to the album’s resonance with their fans.

Speaking to Music Scene Media, the band state:

KITTY: Yeah, the creative process was very traumatic because, sadly, my mom passed away pretty much weeks before we started making the record, so all of that crazy emotion is in there. A lot of rage is in there, and a lot of sadness. A lot of joy as well, actually, because I think when these big traumatic things happen to you, you experience euphoric highs as well as the very low lows. You are in a very strange emotional place and you’re kind of up and down and all of that is in there. 

JON: It really was about Kitty and I solidifying our way of being musically and emotionally honest with each other and making a pact that we were gonna make a record that was just for us. And when I say just for us, I mean that as the band, we weren’t gonna worry about what people might think about it. You know, this is our first record on a major record label and normally when that happens, bands tend to become a bit more polished and a bit more commercial. But we were like, well we don’t know what our lives are gonna hold, this might be the last record we ever make so let’s go down in a blaze of glory. You know, let’s make the thing we want to make.

The album tells a story that is intimate yet relatable, exploring topics such as loss, strength, and the search for purpose in a chaotic world. Songs like “Outsider” showcase the band’s ability to combine meaningful lyrics with captivating melodies, crafting anthems for those who don’t quite fit in.

The Alchemy of Live Performance

The dynamic live shows of Saint Agnes showcase the powerful fusion of music and emotion. For the band, touring is more than just a musical performance; it’s about establishing a collective space for emotional expression and bonding with their fans. Each show delves into the essence of music as a catalyst for change, as the band and audience reciprocate energy, fostering moments of profound emotional unity.

Travelling has also acted as a crucible for the band’s growth, with every show serving as a platform for innovation and a reflection of their music’s raw authenticity. Despite the challenges of life on the road, including logistical obstacles and the strain of constant movement, the rewards of performing and connecting with fans in various cities far outweigh the difficulties. These experiences have reinforced the band’s commitment to staying true to themselves and prioritizing their relationship with their audience above all else.

Building a Community on Authenticity

At the core of Saint Agnes’s values lies a belief in being true to oneself, a dedication to being genuine and present in both their music and their interactions with fans. This belief goes beyond their artistic output and influences how they build a sense of community and engage with their fans. The band perceives their music as more than just a form of art; it is a conversation, a way to connect with others on a deeply personal level.

The unwavering support of their fans, who are considered an extended family, has played a crucial role in the band’s journey. This connection is built on a foundation of mutual respect and shared experiences, with the band’s willingness to openly discuss their challenges and successes fostering a sense of unity and belonging among their fans. By maintaining an open and honest line of communication, Saint Agnes has created a lively community united by their love for music that fearlessly delves into the depths of darkness.

Charting a Course Through Darkness and Light

Saint Agnes’s exploration of the gothic rock genre showcases the profound impact of music in providing solace, pushing boundaries, and fostering connections. “Bloodsuckers” transcends being just an album; it serves as a poignant story of struggle, rebellion, and renewal, embodying the band’s growth and the profound connection they have with their audience. In an industry constantly evolving, Saint Agnes remains a guiding light for those who appreciate the allure of darkness, providing a safe haven where sincerity and passion take centre stage.

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