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The Offspring Nears Completion of New Album with Bob Rock

Published / Sun 17 Mar 2024

The Offspring Nears Completion of New Album with Producer Bob Rock

Photo: The Offspring Nears Completion of New Album with Producer Bob Rock  /  Credit: Radio Futuro / CBC News

In a recent interview with Chile’s Radio Futuro on Saturday, March 16, Kevin “Noodles” Wasserman, guitarist of The Offspring, shared updates on the band’s upcoming album, a follow-up to their 2021 release, “Let The Bad Times Roll.”

The Offspring Team Up With Bob Rock

As per the transcription provided by BLABBERMOUTH.NET, Wasserman expressed enthusiasm about the progress of the new project, stating,

“We’ve been working on a bunch of new stuff. The record’s almost done. We’re hoping to be done in the next couple of months and have it released at the end of the year.”

Continuing their collaboration with esteemed producer Bob Rock, known for his work with MÖTLEY CRÜE and METALLICA, The Offspring is set to deliver another promising album. Rock has previously produced three of The Offspring’s albums, including their latest, “Let The Bad Times Roll.”

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Reflecting on the creative process, Noodles revealed in an interview with Rock Sound last October that the pandemic had underscored the band’s passion for live performances and maximized their studio productivity.

“It was a really, really creative time for us, actually. Right at the end of making ‘Let The Bad Times Roll’, ideas were just coming, and we’ve just been having a good time in the studio since then — and on the road too. It’s so good to be back playing live music again”.

Bryan “Dexter” Holland, the band’s singer, discussed the musical and lyrical direction of the upcoming material with The Orange County Register in August 2023. Holland’s approach remains focused on melody and the essence of punk’s energy and rebellious spirit. He drew parallels with their earlier work, explaining how thematic clarity often emerges late in the creative process.

“Sometimes you just start writing songs and you don’t realize how an album is coming together until it’s almost there,” Holland explained, emphasizing a continuous exploration of American culture akin to their past work.

“Let The Bad Times Roll” achieved significant global success, marking a series of career-high chart positions, including seven Top 5 and ten Top 10 international debuts, alongside nine Top 10 U.S. debuts. The album reached No. 3 on the U.K. chart and claimed the top spot on the U.S. Alternative Albums chart, setting high expectations for the band’s forthcoming release.

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The Offspring Nears Completion of New Album with Producer Bob Rock

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