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Time to exercise the grey matter…..#owwb entries are open

Published / Tue 16 Jul 2019

OWWB New Logo for Primordial Radio Website

Not sure how to play ? Want to know about #owwbrewind ? Check out the new #owwb page.

Tuesday again so that means it is time to get your #OWWB entries in – perhaps a refreshing beverage in the sunshine may assist with your thinking and win you the Hive Mind badge ?

Steve May picked up another win last week and John Knight is choosing the words this week, causing another panic from the #owwb regulars trying to work out his taste in music !

  1. Quasimodo
  2. Combust
  3. Propose
  4. Lucifer
  5. Vixen
  6. Malodorous
  7. Singed
  8. Rouse
  9. Vertiginous
  10. (Fe)male
  11. Perpetuation
  12. Pestilence

Good Luck – Blunty’s BDF is waiting…..(Blunty’s Digital Form for anyone new)

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