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Primordial Lexicon

Primordial Radio and the Primordial Family (#prfam), as with all communities, have a collection of popular phrases that are particular to ourselves. Don’t worry if you hear something and don’t quite understand it, this handy lexicon will help you out.

General Terms

The Rules

The Rules are the binding agreement that we all have with each other. The Rules bring us together and you will be notified if you break them. They are:

  1. Don’t Be A Dick
  2. Do The Right Thing
  3. If in doubt, see Rule 1

Tyre Fire

A Tyre Fire will occur when something greatly divides opinion and the discussion thereafter continues for an unnecessarily long time. The greatest Tyre Fire occurred when The One and Only by Chesney Hawkes was played.

Show Related

Free Spin Friday (#freespinfriday)

Anything goes on a Friday so tweet / facebook your song requests from 7am until 7 pm

People’s Playlust (#peoplesplaylust)

Each weekday morning (Mon-Thu) Moose will provide a topic on air and our job is to tweet / facebook song suggestions for the 10-11am hour.

Tenuous Tuesday (#tenuoustuesday)

A sub category of People’s Playlist. Make the most tenuous link between the subject and your request. Also revisited by Dewsbury in the afternoon show, pick two songs with the most tenuous of links.

Antithesis Tuesday
Moose will try and guess the tracks you want – all you need to do is send an opposite description
OWWB – One Word Wednesday Bingo

Another sub category of People’s Playlust. Fill out Blunty’s online form guessing the song and artist from the one word clue. The rules change on a regular basis so listen to the show to find out that week’s format.

APIWASS – A Picture Is Worth A Single Song

Our resident artist, the fabulous Rozie White, submits a drawing each day linked to a song. Our job is to guess the band/song depicted.
Winner gets the admiration of the group and station.

Newbies at Noon (#newbiesatnoon)

The fantabulous Pete Bailey champions new music each weekday 12-12.30pm. There are collaborative spotify playlists for anyone to suggest new/upcoming tunes