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Primordial Presents: MANAPART – Expanding System Of A Down’s Revered Sound.

Published / Wed 1 Feb 2023

Primordial Presents: MANAPART - Expanding on System Of A Down's Sound

Photo: Primordial Presents: MANAPART – Expanding on System Of A Down’s Sound  /  Credit: Manapart

Manapart has been turning heads since their formation in 2020 even being praised by System Of A Down frontman Serj Tankian himself by blending a unique mix of 2000s metal and oriental music.

In 2022 they continued to make waves with their EP “2084”, gaining attention from far and wide across countries such as the UK, Germany, Poland, Denmark, Bulgaria, Austria, Spain, France, USA and their native Armenia. The band recently released an Armenian song that has propelled them into a leadership position on streaming outlets; Manapart sent a message for peace when releasing the follow-up single “Tomorrow”.

The band’s single “Void Manifesto” is currently sitting in the No.4 position on the Primordial Radio Top 40 chart, decided by the listeners of the station.

Manapart creates expressive music, exploring the complexities of life through powerful melodies that capture emotions including social injustice and inner turmoil. With every track, they invite listeners to enter a world enriched in melancholy while hope prevails as an underlying theme throughout their work.

The band owns their SOAD influence and looks set to create a lasting impression on metal music with their heavy influence from System of A Down. It will be intriguing to witness the evolution of the Armenian band and discover just how far they can take this much-loved and revered sound.

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Listen to Void Manifesto below.

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