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Smells like Wednesday – #owwb is coming

Published / Tue 20 Oct 2020

OWWB New Logo for Primordial Radio Website

Not sure how to play ? Want to know about #owwbrewind ? Check out the new #owwb page.

13 clues for you so all the more points for you to get !

Matt Duke has picked the songs for this week.

1. 15:1
2. Senile
3. Collapse
4. BFF
5. Rancorous
6. Sleuth
7. Rhinotillexis
8. Trolley
9. CBC
10. Thor
11. Dirge
12. Object
13. Ents

Blunty’s BDF awaits……good luck ! Don’t forget, there is the “can’t be arsed” option so you can enter and put minimal effort in – you never know, it might be you next week !
Oh and talking of BDF’s – have you registered for the Halloween Quiz ?

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