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The Primordial Safe Events Pledge and Code of Conduct

Published / Mon 25 Mar 2024

Safe Events Pledge and Code of Conduct launched for Primordial Events

We always say just because we make light of things does not mean we take things lightly…

We want Primordial events to be safe and inclusive for everyone, which means looking after yourself and fellow members of the Fam and always referring to rule 1 – Don’t be a Dick!

We are Serious about a Good Time

Everything we do here at Primordial is guided by our beliefs and values. One of our founding pillars is fun and we know that has been in short supply recently… but to ensure EVERYONE has a good time we want to remind you of a Primordial founding value: loyalty and respect are a two-way street. When you attend our events you are contributing to the overall experience, which makes us all accountable to each other.

Issues of sexual harassment, groping, bullying or abuse of any kind (physical or verbal) will be taken seriously. If you encounter or witness any of this behaviour or feel uncomfortable at our events please speak to a member of security or anyone from the Primordial team as soon as possible.

To help us make our events as safe and inclusive as possible please read our Safe Events Pledge and read and adhere to our Code of Conduct.

Our Code of Conduct addresses how we tackle harassment, bullying, abuse and assault and act as a deterrent for potential perpetrators and reassure those who may be vulnerable or subjected to this behaviour

The Primordial team and community, always looks out for us and each other through an open culture of mutual support and respect

We are knowledgeable about why there is an issue and why we need this safe events pledge. For insight into the severity of this please see further information below.

You can listen to Tash from the Primordial Equalities Group discussing the new Pledge & Code of Conduct on the Primordial Podcast here

 Why do we need a safe events pledge and code of conduct?

  • In 2018 30% of women reported assault or harassment at festivals.
  • 63% of women and 26% of men said they had experienced unacceptable behaviour in bars, clubs, or pubs and 79% of women said they expected inappropriate comments, touching and behaviour on a night out towards them or their friends.
  • More than 7 in 10 women have been sexually harassed in the UK, over 40% of women aged under 40 at a live music event. Over 60% of workers in the music sector have experienced sexual harassment.
  • Over 95% of women do not report sexual harassment.
  • Harassment can take many forms at gigs and clubs including:
    • Sexual comments and unwanted attention
    • Groping
    • Sexual Assault
    • Spiking

We encourage you to check your own behaviour and be an Active Bystander – 4 Ds as outlined by Safe Gigs for Women

Direct action

Call out negative behaviour, tell the person to stop or ask the victim if they are OK. Do this as a group if you can. Be polite. Don’t aggravate the situation – remain calm and state why something has offended you. Stick to exactly what has happened, don’t exaggerate.


Interrupt, start a conversation with the perpetrator to allow their potential target to move away or have friends intervene. Or come up with an idea to get the victim out of the situation – tell them they need to take a call, or you need to speak to them; any excuse to get them away to safety. Alternatively, try distracting, or redirecting the situation.


If you are too embarrassed or shy to speak out, or you don’t feel safe to do so, get someone else to step in. Any decent venue has a zero-tolerance policy on harassment, so the staff there will act.


If the situation is too dangerous to challenge then and there (such as there is the threat of violence or you are outnumbered) just walk away. Wait for the situation to pass then ask the victim later if they are OK. Or report it when it’s safe to do so – it’s never too late to act.

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